My Fast Food Guilty Pleasures

March 29th, 2011

As I believe I mentioned, I don’t get hungry, although in the last few days, that may be coming back – Yay! I get occasional cravings, but usually for something I can’t eat, like cheesecake. Other times, it’s fast food of the meat variety. My digestive system sometimes rebels against it, but at this point, it rebels against just about everything, so what the heck, why not indulge. I need the protein and calories. So I’ll list those things I’ll go out of my way (but not very far – it is Salem, after all) to get when on sale, or are cheap to start with. I go through the drive thru so I don’t get caught eating the junk!

1. McDonald’s Cheeseburgers: Back when I had a whole stomach, these were a 3 bite snack. Now, one is a whole meal. I get them home, remove the pickle slice(s) and about half of the onions, re-wrap and nuke for 20 seconds. I usually hate hate hate onions, but this just wouldn’t be the same without those re-hydrated bits. (note to self: look for dehydrated onions to add to my own burgers) And at $1 each, I can pick up one for immediate consumption and one for later.
2. McDonald’s Hot & Spicy Chicken Sandwich: This isn’t currently listed on their website, and I usually only notice it when they’re showing on sale on the readerboard. These days, I have some issues with spicy foods, but for some things (like fried calamari), the discomfort is worth it.
3. Arby’s Beef and Cheddar: Again, this wouldn’t be the same without onions. The combination of meat product, cheese product, Arby’s Sauce, and onion bun is just what I need some times!
4. Taco Time Crisp Meat Burrito: Crunchy fried tortilla around seasoned ground mystery meat. I usually get a couple of these. I eat one in the car on the way home and eat the second with Taco Time Original Sauce at home.
5. Taco Time Soft Combo Burrito: That seasoned ground mystery meat, refried pinto beans and shredded cheese. If I’m feeling especially naughty (or if they offer), I get it with sour cream inside. This requires Taco Time Original Sauce poured over every bite. These days, one of these makes two meals.

McDonalds and Arby’s are pretty close to me, so they can be a little out of the way, or on my way home.

Unfortunately (or fortunately!) the last remaining Taco Time in town is on the other side of town, on Lancaster, a high traffic (for Salem) area, so usually I need to be there for other things before I’ll stop in. They don’t have the bottles of Taco Sauce, or participate in the Day of the Week sale items, but maybe none of them do anymore. Mom and Dad got me a Taco Time Gift Card for Christmas, but the one time I tried to use it, the phone line was busy with someone inside using a debit card, so I still have it in my wallet. I found the one in Stayton after it moved, so at least I can stop there twice a year after my dentist appointments in Sublimity.