A Couple of Dark Chocolate Recipes

April 18th, 2011

First I tried this recipe for White Cocoa Oatmeal Lava Cake from the Truvia website. I used Scharffen Berger Bittersweet Chocolate, and Bakers White. I also halved the amount of Truvia, since I find it to be really sweet if used in full amounts. Oh, and I don’t have a hand mixer, and didn’t want to haul out the KA stand mixer for just 3 egg whites. The whisk attachment on the immersion blender works much better than the blender attachment!

A couple of faults with the recipe. The size of ramekins was not specified, so I used my Emile Henry soup ramekins, knowing the shape wouldn’t allow me to turn them out. Oh well, I wasn’t making it for company or presentation anyway. The recipe only filled 3 of them less than halfway. I should have used my smaller straight sided ones. The other thing, is that it appears that the oatmeal should be cooked ahead of time. I tried a bit while it was still warm and was confused at how chewy it was. I then realized that the rolled oats were still completely uncooked.

Other than being super-chewy, these tasted really good.

Update 4/24/11: These were far easier to eat after reheating in the microwave. However, the sugar content in the white chocolate was far too high for my body. Next time, aside from cooking the oatmeal, I’ll use all really dark or unsweetened chocolate with a touch of Truvial.

While they were cooling, I decided to try this recipe for Spiced Hot Dark Chocolate using Bakers Unsweetened Chcolate and a few pinches of Truvia. It turned out incredibly thick, rich and filling. I couldn’t taste any of the spices over the dark chocolate, but there was a slight heat from the cayenne. I had about half a cup and refrigerated the rest.

Update 4/22/11: To reheat this, I thinned it down half and half with soymilk and nuked it. The cayenne has definitely strengthened with time! It makes my ears tingle the way a bloody mary used to!