OK, my irritation at the mis-spelling of the day

January 2nd, 2011

It’s dining, not dinning. Please, people, look at the words and pronounce them as you learned in grade school. I’m not sure what dinning or a dinning room is, but honestly…I’ve never been in one that I know of.

/end rant

Online sites I frequent

November 27th, 2009

OK, rather than posting some of these one at a time for people on FaceBook, I thought I’d list them in one place.

Curves Forum : an online community of Curves members and staff.
Forumwarz : a fun online game – yeah, I’m the oldest woman there by far! I use FireFox for this because users have developed scripts that help game play.
Woot: A great deal a day, with up to three of whatever they’re selling for a total of $5 shipping. Woot-offs are even more fun!

The following sites are pretty graphic intensive, so I use Google Chrome to handle them.
Eat Salem Blog: local restaurant reviews and conversations.
Awkward Family Photos: The name pretty much says it all!
Lovely Listings: Odd finds in Real Estate Listings
Cake Wrecks: When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong.
E-mails from Crazy People: Again, the name says it all!
Funny Celebrity Pics
LOL News
LOL Sports
Graph Humor
Fail Blog
Engrish Funny site 1
Engrish Funny site 2
Some really strange photos
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