Post-Thanksgiving Coast Trip

November 29th, 2009

Norm had a gig lined up at Roadhouse 101 in Lincoln City to play with Cher and the B-Siders (written as B-Sisters on the inside chalkboard). Because I knew traffic would be bad, I wanted to get over there in the daylight. We didn’t get away until almost 4, so that didn’t happen.

We were fortunate to have the opportunity to stay at Brian’s lake house which he opens up for band members, and took written directions, but not the actual map to get there. After missing a turn and driving around in circles, we finally plugged the address into “The little woman” – the GPS and she got us right there.

The gig was alot of fun, with many Salem folks showing up for support. There were 3 other people staying at the lake house, so we stayed up until 3 am drinking and talking. Musicians! We got up at 9 and all 5 of us were going to go to the Otis Cafe for breakfast. When we got there, it turned out that just us and Ron would be eating there.

The Otis Cafe claims to be world-famous, as it was written up in the NY Times. It’s very small, but has a good menu, and huge portion sizes. The guys got pork chops as their meat of choice with the #2 combo. I got a sausage patty, but after 2 eggs and a couple of slices of yummy, thick molasses bread, I was stuffed. Bread, sausage, and my portion of hash browns went into to-go boxes for later.

We headed up Hwy 101, stopping here and there. At Pacific City, we drove to the Bob Straub state park and walked out to the ocean. As we drove back, we noticed pelicans flying over the road, so we pulled in to the boat ramp parking lot to watch them fly in to flap around in the fresh water, presumably to clean off the salt spray, then fly back out to the ocean to glide over the breakers.

After a couple of other scenic stops, we walked to the lighthouse at Cape Mears. It wasn’t far, but I could certainly feel the uphill part later in the day!

Then on to Tillamook with the obligatory stop at the factory for squeaky cheese! Got two bags of that, more Garlic Gormay Zesty Garlic seasoning, some smoked salmon, and pickled asparagus. Oh yeah, some crab dip seasoning and blackberry jam also made it into the basket. Then Norm wanted to find something to eat and have a beer, so we parked downtown and found the most promising storefront of a bar and grill, Corky’s. Ummm, the restaurant in front was completely empty, and I could see the lights in the kitchen weren’t on. There were two people in the bar, the bar tender and her friend. So, we didn’t bother with food, just got a single round of drinks. I think that was one of the strongest screwdrivers I’d ever had!

So, we decided to save dinner for McMinnville, since I wasn’t all that hungry yet anyway. I suggested one of my favorite Brewpubs, since we hadn’t made reservations on a Saturday night anywhere, and wine tour traffic in Carlton and McMinnville was insane – Golden Valley Brewpub. Too many menu items to make a decision, even for picky old me! I opted for the nachos and merlot. Norm got the flight of local brews and a fried oyster sandwich. Yummy all around, and fantastic service.

After that, it was head home, unload the car, unwind, and I was in bed soon after 8.
Great day all the way around!

Online sites I frequent

November 27th, 2009

OK, rather than posting some of these one at a time for people on FaceBook, I thought I’d list them in one place.

Curves Forum : an online community of Curves members and staff.
Forumwarz : a fun online game – yeah, I’m the oldest woman there by far! I use FireFox for this because users have developed scripts that help game play.
Woot: A great deal a day, with up to three of whatever they’re selling for a total of $5 shipping. Woot-offs are even more fun!

The following sites are pretty graphic intensive, so I use Google Chrome to handle them.
Eat Salem Blog: local restaurant reviews and conversations.
Awkward Family Photos: The name pretty much says it all!
Lovely Listings: Odd finds in Real Estate Listings
Cake Wrecks: When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong.
E-mails from Crazy People: Again, the name says it all!
Funny Celebrity Pics
LOL News
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Graph Humor
Fail Blog
Engrish Funny site 1
Engrish Funny site 2
Some really strange photos
Overheard commentsBe sure to check the menu bar for linked sites.

Welcome to the blog

November 27th, 2009

OK, this is the third blog software I’ve tried from my server’s Fantastico control panel. The others didn’t allow comment moderation, and had issues with server links. We’ll see if this works better!