I’m going to start posting recipes…..

January 17th, 2011

Some with pictures, others to be added later as I make these dishes again, because I didn’t take pictures the first time.

First some background on my eating habits/tastes. I’ve never really liked vegetables. I don’t mind some as a base or background flavor, but I don’t want to bite into it – so if I use onion in a soup, it’s gonna get the immersion blender treatment.

Also, in June of ’09, I had 80% of my stomach removed because they’d found a cancerous polyp. This has caused all sorts of dietary changes, and not just the size of meals. Anyone who is familiar with dumping syndrome knows what I mean when I say that I can’t eat anything sweet, can’t drink a glass of milk or a good, flavored yogurt, and I can’t digest lettuce (I really miss caesar salads!). So I have to find other ways to fit in lots of protein.

And in November of ’10, my liver failed, so my recipes will not contain alcohol, and I won’t be suggesting wine pairings!

Norm, on the other hand, is mostly vegetarian, and will eat vast amounts of just about anything. When he’s home and not across the continent working, there is never a problem with leftovers!

I just wanted to let people know ahead of time, the recipes may seem oddly lacking to many.

Oh, and unless I’m following a new baking recipe, I rarely measure things exactly!

OK, my irritation at the mis-spelling of the day

January 2nd, 2011

It’s dining, not dinning. Please, people, look at the words and pronounce them as you learned in grade school. I’m not sure what dinning or a dinning room is, but honestly…I’ve never been in one that I know of.

/end rant