Wooo Hooo! New Discovery!!!

May 4th, 2011

OK, for those tired about me whining about not being able to eat desserts when dining out, I discovered something this last weekend.

I’m taking a digestive enzyme recommended by my acupuncturist, which my gastroenterologist kinda poo-poo’d and recommended a different OTC med. As usual, based on her (the GE) bedside attitude of a rock, I went with what my acupuncturist suggested, but was not able to eat anything with sugars.

Yes, finding Truvia allows me to cook sweets at home, but I was at a conference where meals came with dessert of cheesecake, chocolate mousse, and one breakfast was French toast! So…..I took both the enzymes and the OTC med before the meal, and had absolutely no problem with any of the above!!!!!

Things like lettuce and nuts are still mechanical issues, which won’t change, but those pesky reactions to sugars are getting better! Yay!

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