Balsamic Strawberries

June 20th, 2011

OK, so I grew up picking strawberries for spending money every summer. They were warm and fresh and irresistable to nibble on. There were also mushy, moldy and rotten ones low on the vines, or on the ground between the rows. Needless to say, they became one of my least favorite fruits.

Many, many years later, the markets are ripe with fresh, organic strawberries, and I can’t seem to keep up with all that I buy! I love them sliced thin with a splash of balsamic vinegar, a sprinkle of Truvia, and a bit of fresh ground black pepper. Stir well and let sit at room temperature for a half hour or so, stirring every now and then.

To serve, I cut thin slices of baguette, brush with olive oil, top with a slice of brie and bake in my toaster oven on convection until bubbly. I then top it with the balsamic strawberries, and they disappear in no time!

I finished up what was in the fridge in a two-egg omelette, filled with some softened cream cheese mixed with a bit of sour cream, topped with the balsamic strawberry slices. Yummy!

Mom loves balsamic strawberries on a spinach salad, but since I can’t digest the spinach, I’ve had to come up with other ideas. How do you serve strawberries?

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  1. Laura

    I’ve had brie on baguette and I’ve had balsamic strawberries, but never together! It sounds great! One thing I do with the baguette is mix a little honey with the olive oil before I brush it on. I’ll have to try it with the strawberries!

    I just made some strawberry freezer jam, but didn’t measure the fruit carefully before I added the pectin … so it’s a saucy strawberry jam. We had it on french toast the other day; last week I spread it on brie with a splash of balsamic, baked it until it was melty and served it with baguette. Love strawberries!

  2. tracylee

    Laura, the mix on a baguette sounds yummy! I’ve been gone for a week on vacation, so I’m holding off until the Wednesday Farmer’s Market to buy more strawberries to go with the new really good balsamic I got at

    Next adventure is fresh green figs from Trader Joe’s with Cambozola cheese and balsamic! I was going to do it today, but got wrapped up in crispy tempura tofu with Thai red chili sauce.

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