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November 27th, 2009

OK, rather than posting some of these one at a time for people on FaceBook, I thought I’d list them in one place.

Curves Forum : an online community of Curves members and staff.
Forumwarz : a fun online game – yeah, I’m the oldest woman there by far! I use FireFox for this because users have developed scripts that help game play.
Woot: A great deal a day, with up to three of whatever they’re selling for a total of $5 shipping. Woot-offs are even more fun!

The following sites are pretty graphic intensive, so I use Google Chrome to handle them.
Eat Salem Blog: local restaurant reviews and conversations.
Awkward Family Photos: The name pretty much says it all!
Lovely Listings: Odd finds in Real Estate Listings
Cake Wrecks: When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong.
E-mails from Crazy People: Again, the name says it all!
Funny Celebrity Pics
LOL News
LOL Sports
Graph Humor
Fail Blog
Engrish Funny site 1
Engrish Funny site 2
Some really strange photos
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