Chicken and Paneer Curry with Spicy Socca (Italian Chickpea Crepes)

April 19th, 2011

The Curry Meal

I boned and skinned 4 chicken thighs and cut paneer (Indian cheese) both into bite-sized pieces. I tossed them in a bowl with salt, pepper, a couple of scoops of Happy Curry Yellow Curry Paste and a little coconut milk. I covered it and set it in the fridge for an hour or so.

Earlier this afternoon, I quickly whisked together the batter for Socca, a chickpea flour crepe. I added some freshly ground pepper and ΒΌ tsp Garam Masala, to give it a bit more Indian flavor.

While making the crepes in my shallow oval cast-iron skillet, I heated my large round cast-iron skillet and tossed in the marinated chicken and paneer. When the chicken was done, I added a couple more scoops of curry powder paste and coconut milk, and cooked it until it thickened. I kept the crepes warm in the toaster oven.

Norm mixed his share of the curry with sauteed veggies and rice, and I ate it as it was, spooned on to crepes.

We now officially have enough leftovers in the fridge to feed the entire neighborhood, or feed Norm for a day!

Stocked with leftovers

Edit 4/22/11: The Socca makes a great stand-in for corn tortillas in enchiladas. I already had my enchilada sauce made and cheese grated before I discovered that my tortillas were stale. I made a new batch of socca yesterday and still had a few on the counter next to me, so I used two of them. Great!

3 Responses to “Chicken and Paneer Curry with Spicy Socca (Italian Chickpea Crepes)”

  1. GraydonCarter

    I contributed and followed the stinky fenugreek discussion on Chow. I am also still perplexed by the distinctly bad taste I get from Chinese yellow curry versus Indian or Thai curry. I had thought the best source would be a curry paste, such as your Happy Curry Yellow Curry Paste. I’m sure I could get something like that at one of the many nearby Asian markets, but I can’t distinguish the languages.

  2. tracylee

    I was fortunate that the gentleman I spoke to at Happy Curry understood that I wanted something without fenugreek and was able to select the Yellow Curry Paste for me. I can usually manage labels in French or Spanish, but beyond that, I’m lost, and the paste was made in house and had a hand-written label on top with no list of ingredients.

  3. GraydonCarter

    I found a Yellow Curry from Mae Ploy that I may want to try. Ingredients: Lemon grass, garlic, shallot, salt, galanga, dried red chili, coriander seed, kaffir lime peel, cumin, cinnamon, mace, turmeric, cardamon.

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